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We understand that selecting a dentist can be a bit daunting. There are many to choose from and there are factors like location, services offered, insurance and billing to consider too.

We’re confident that we make a visit to the dentist’s office an easy, comfortable and, yes, even enjoyable experience. And while we could sing our own praises, we know that word of mouth still remains the most powerful form of endorsement.

We would love to hear about your experience at Affiliated Dentists.

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Please read through the reviews below and see what our patients have to say about us.

If you have feedback for us, please contact us via our online form or call us today.

Dan Bertler

Dr. Miller is the best! I have anxiety going to the dentist and she takes it all away! She is an amazing dentist!

Jamie Mickelson

Dr. Miller, great. Theresa, Friendly, Good dental technique, good advice after cleaning was completed.

Tiffany Dunham

My daughter’s had a filling done. She said she felt no pain. Dr. Miller and her assistant was flawless. Thumbs up for them.

Jason J

I have been a patient here for years and I’ve got to say this is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. The front desk is amazingly organized, the reminders etc and scheduling is spot on, and they are always professional and welcoming! Dr. Miller and Katie are highly professional and efficient and only make recommendations that need to be done and I never feel like I’m being sold something I don’t need. Trust is important and exhibited to a high degree here. If you’re looking for a new dentist I highly recommend Affiliated!

William and Eloise K

“Dr Gustavson and other staff took the time to fully explain procedures and concerns for our dental needs and general well being.”

Kodi M

“Neil is terrific! Always professional, friendly and knowledgeable.”

Kris G

“Very happy with the services provided.”

David P

“Wendy did a great job.”

Michael W

“Great cleaning visit. Learned new things and look forward to the next quality visit.”

John K

“The hygienist, Amanda, did an excellent job cleaning my teeth.”

Edit W

“No issues at all. Both Amanda and Dr Budde were very nice and professional.”

Glenn T

“Neil does fine work!”

Michael F

“This is the finest dental care I have ever received. Kudos to all of you!”

Linda S

“Everyone was very friendly and addressed my concerns.”

Gary A

“No concerns or issues. Did not see the dentist at my visit. Technician though is very professional, friendly and efficient.”

Don C

“Great first experience at Affiliated!”

Mary T

“I had my teeth cleaned and the prep for a cap within the last ten days, all done with excellent care and kindness.”

Franklin O

“Pleasant service.”

Josh A.

“Absolutely brilliant. Staff was very friendly indeed.”

Tim G.

“Dr. Miller is awesome. Katie too. Thanks for a great experience. Love my new crowns!”

Matthew M.

“No issues or concerns. I started going to this dentist office simply because it was close to my work and home, but have consistently been impressed with everything and everyone. It was a lucky find for me I guess. Thanks for everything.”

Brenda B.

“Awesome as always. Wendy is one of the best.”

Emily E.

“No issues or concerns. Very happy with my visit.”

Cynthia S.

“Katy is wonderful! Appreciate her professional and friendly manner along with the rest of the staff.”

Dimitar S.

“No issues whatsoever at Affiliated Dentists. Terrific service as always!”

Samantha G.

“Everything went great!”

Ken A.

“Dr.  Budde and her assistant ROCK! Very reassuring and gentle. She establishes rapport and builds trust immediately, which made me very comfortable. I have recommended her to my wife and two coworkers.”

Lela A.

“I absolutely love, love love Julie! She is the best technician, so gentle and so friendly.”

Michelle S.

“I want to make sure that this is the dentist I go back to from now on. I really liked her and thought she did a great job on my crown!”

John H.

“Doing an amazing job!!”

Patient: Lisa B.

Comments: “I love coming to Affiliated Dentists. Thanks to all of the staff for taking care of me. Julie does a good job and she deserves a raise!”

Patient: Greg L.

5 Stars
Comments: “Neil and Dr. Gustavson are at the tops!  Nothing but praises and appreciation for their care!”

Steve K.

5 Stars
Comments: “I have used Affiliated Dentists for many years and have always been satisfied with the care received. When there has been a problem with crowns, the problem was addressed in a very timely manner.”

Lori Z.

4 stars
Comments: “Julie does a good job cleaning my teeth and communicating to the Dentist.  She deserves a raise! 😉 “

Gary C.

5 Stars
Comments: “Obviously I’m very happy with the service you provide.  In addition to the above , a few weeks ago I had an emergency appointment for a replacement filing.  I wasn’t asked to provide an evaluation for that appointment, but I would have given all “great” for service rendered.”

Thank you Gary! We are happy to hear that you are happy with the services our office provides.

Chris H.

5 stars
Comments: “Jenny is very nice and did a great job!”

Thank You! We will let Jenny know how much you enjoyed your visit.  Have a great holiday season!

Rolliana S.

5 stars
Comments: “Neil is the best dental hygienist ever!”

We are glad that Neil could provide you with top notch service! We are looking forward to seeing you at your next six month appointment.

Patient: LaWanna G.

4 stars
Comments: “Thank you Jesus for a great staff and great services.”

Thank you so much!! We strive to provide the best customer care for every patient!

Patient: Bill B.

5 stars
Comments: “Neil is great!!  Enjoyed meeting Dr Porter also.”

Thank you so much!  We will let them know.  Hope you are enjoying the fall weather!

Patient: Tammy C.

5 stars
Comments: “No complaints or concerns. I have to say that this is the first time in life I’ve actually enjoyed going to the dentist – by using your services. Through no usage of guilt whatsoever when I report less than consistent cleaning practices, helps make me feel supported and really motivates me to improve. Tanelle has cleaned my teeth each time I visited and she’s great!”

Tammy, thank you for the great comments!  We are thrilled to hear of your experiences here, and will pass your kind words on to Tanelle!

Patient: Jean D.

4 stars
Comments: “Had to wait 20 minutes for my appointment.”

Jean, so sorry to hear that!  Sometimes emergencies can push appointments back, but someone should have come out and explained that to you.  We apologize for this, as we know it can impact your day greatly.

Patient: Jennifer C.

5 stars
Comments: “Everything went smoothly, everyone was nice.  Overall great experience!”

Jennifer, thank you so much!

Patient: Peggy S.

4.5 stars
Comments: “Excellent. I was worried when Dr. Wierwell left your group, since we had him for years. He was great! I was worried that it would not be the same great care, since BELIEVE ME, I have had a few awful dentist in my life!  But your whole group is excellent, gentle, answer all our questions. Fantastic job. Thank you all for being there for me and my family.”

Peggy, thank you very much for your kind words!  We are so happy to hear your visit was comfortable and enjoyable.

Patient: Orton G.

4.5 stars
Comments: “More advice about what you could eat before a procedure and when you could eat it would be good.”

Orton, we apologize if no one explained this to you.  If you ever have any questions, please ask at your appointment.  If you need more information once you have left, you can always call our office, too!

Patient: Gary L.

5 stars
Comments: “It was a great experience in every respect.  Neil was terrific and Mark G. was really informative in helping me make wise choices concerning treatment.  Y’all are A-1!!!”

Gary, thank you!  We will let Neil and Dr. Gustavson know and we look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Patient: Cassandra M.

5 stars
Comments: “The Dentists & Staff here are AMAZING! Hygienist Wendy went out of her way to answer my kids’ questions about what she was doing while she was cleaning my teeth–she worked efficiently but was patient with them and they were so excited to experience the interaction, which also subsided some of their fears of the dentist office and encouraged them to brush and floss diligently to be prepared for their next visit! Thank so much Wendy. You made a positive difference!”

Cassandra, thank you so much for the great review!  We truly appreciate it!

Patient: Julie H.

4.5 Stars
Comments: “Great dentistry!”

Julie, thanks so much!

Patient: Ramona G.

4.5 stars
Comments: “The technician didn’t rinse my mouth until the end, and there was blood, so it didn’t taste good.  Dr. Gustavson is fabulous as always. Does a thorough exam and explains what needs to be done. He is honest and lets you know if something can wait. Dr. Gustavson listens to your concerns or questions. You always feel like you are the priority with him! Love how he takes care of you as a patient. Your comfort and dental health is his priority.”

Ramona, we apologize about the bad taste!  You can always request a rinse as often as you need it if your hygienist doesn’t give you enough water.  We will pass your kind words on to Dr Gustavson!  See you soon.

Patient: Sodara O.

5 stars
Comments: “Patty is awesome!”

Sodara, thanks, we’ll let her know!

Patient: Cody C.

5 stars
Comments: “No concerns. Great visit.”

Cody, great to hear!  Have a great summer.

Patient: Molly A.

5 stars
Comments: “I am new to this dental office and have been very impressed so far!”

Molly, we are thrilled to hear that!  Hope to see you soon.

Patient: Linda H.

5 stars
Comments: “I have had many “less than favorable” experiences with dentists through the years–therefore, I am petrified to go in, even for routine care.  I sought your practice in January, 2013–Dr. Peles was awesome–she actually waited for the topical anesthesia to work before injecting the Novocain!  Although, I had a lot of restorative work done with her, and I still cannot totally eliminate my fears of past dental experiences, Dr. Peles and her assistant made this experience very positive!  I may find it a little easier to do routine care again.”

Linda, we are so happy to hear that, thank you for sharing!

Patient: Leanne D.

5 stars
Comments: “Loved the hygienist –Tanelle.  That doesn’t happen often!”

Leanne, how wonderful!  We will pass your kind words on to her.

Patient: Barbara I.

5 stars
Comments: “Able to get right in, even a few minutes early which was welcome as I had a busy day of work following this appointment.”

Barbara, thank you so much for your kind review!

Patient: Lana A.

5 stars
Comments: ”My visit was perfect. The cleaning was done without any discomfort. I would very much like to continue with the same gal that cleaned my teeth on 05/01/2013. My visit was excellent with her. please tell her this. Thank you.”

Lana, we put a note in your account to ensure you get the same hygienist at each cleaning appointment.  See you soon!

Patient: Cynthia P.

5 stars
Comments: “This was the first time my daughter needed a filling…Your dentist and her assistant were AMAZING!!! Alyssa had no worries and enjoyed the experience. Thank you!!!!!!”

Cynthia, that is wonderful to hear!  Thanks for sharing!

Patient: Rolliana

5 stars
Comments: “Neil is the best!  I like being reminded of appointment and confirming it online.”

Rolliana, we will let Neil know!  Glad to hear you are enjoying the benefits of our electronic reminders!

Patient: Denise J.

4 stars
Comments: “The exam was a bit rushed. I understand Dr. G was the only dentist there that day.”

Denise, we truly apologize you feel that way.  Thank you for letting us know!

Patient: Robinson U.

5 stars
Comments: “Overall very good.”

Robinson, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Patient: Ashley H.

5 stars
“Absolutely no complaints here. I had an appointment at 1:45 for a filling but showed up a little early. They took me back right away, and I walked out the door by 1:50. Exceptionally friendly and professional staff. I recently switched over and am so happy I did- already recommended you to a friend!”

Ashley, thank you not only for the nice referral, but for the referral of your friend as well!  We have a referral rewards program that sends you a thank you gift card to your home address, so keep an eye out for that!  Thanks again.

Patient: Noel G.

5 stars
“I was pleased with the appearance of the office, everything looked clean and the staff was very friendly. I didn’t spend much time in the waiting room, but I did have to wait a bit for the dentist after my cleaning. Other than that, it went great.”

Noel, thank you for sharing your experience with us! 

Patient: Kerry S.

5 stars
“Staff members were especially good with my kids, making them very comfortable.  We have been very pleased with everything about this dental office.”

Kerry, we are happy to hear your children were comfortable here!  We strive on providing excellent care to patients of all ages.  Thank you for the review!

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