Posted on 12/06/2018 · Posted in Company News

We are featuring some of our staff and their dogs, cats, chickens and birds. The selection of “Best Friends” will amaze you.

Chewie (Pug)

Owner: Dr. Mark Gustavson

“He has to always be touching someone and unifies the kids (the one thing they all share is their strong love for Chewie) and he brings their softest side out every single day. We adore him immensely!! Dr. Gus did not want Chewy but has developed a really strong bond with him. Of course. He loves his daily off-leash walks on the golf course. He has a favorite toy, a wolf stuffed animal that is almost the same size as him. He won’t go to bed without his nightly Greenie.” ~Katie, Wife of Dr. Gustavson

SammieGirl (Kooikerhondje Mix)

Owner: Dana B

“She is a rescue dog. We believe she is a Kooikerhondje mix. Extremely intelligent, fast, and agile. She loves to do tricks for her treats, which are sits, spins, walks on her hind legs, and shakes. She is our sweet, sweet little buddy.”

Cooper (French Bulldog)

Owner: Dr. Maggie Budde

“She loves going to dog parks.”

Moogie (mix)

Owner: Carri

“Moogie is 2 years old. She loves watching Survivor on Wednesday nights with her Mom, staying up late, and getting up early!”

Otis (Orange cat)

Owner: Crystal

“Otis loves chasing light and string. A weird fact for Otis, is that he won’t eat meat, fish or table scraps, but loves pureed fruits and vegetables (especially pumpkin puree).”

Charlie (Coonhound)

Owner: Crystal

“Charlie isn’t much for playing with toys or fetch, but he will chew up toys, then enjoy lounging around the majority of the day. He does love going to the dog park and seeing his dog park friends.

Big Guy (Black domestic cat)
Jones (Grey domestic cat)
Karch (Doberman Pincher)

Owner: Erin

Ruby (the Chiweenie)

Owner: Kayla

Ruby loves to play dead and do acrobatics jumping from various furniture in the living room but her most favorite activity is snuggling up on loving laps.

Benelli (Yellow Labrador)

Owner: Kayla

The only trick Benelli knows is how to find new ways to get out of the yard and explore the woods, however she does have a knack for shed hunting (deer antlers). They both love to pass the time getting fresh air while watching the chickens out in the barnyard.

Chico (Half chihuahua / half terrier)

Owner: Jullie B

He loves sleeping under blankets, eating, and snuggling with me.

Greyble (African Grey Parrot)

Owner: Julie B

Favorite activities- singing, whistling, bossing dogs around, and imitating owners.

Sven (Boxer)

Owner: Julie B

Favorite activities – exploring the northwoods, and lakes! Hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Lena (Boxer mix)

Owner: Julie B

Favorite activity – snuggling on the couch!

Bouncer (Grey tabby)

Owner: Julie S

Bouncer can play fetch with paper balls.

Magnum (Wirehaired Pointing Griffon)

Owner: Dr. JoAnn Miller

My dogs love to swim in the lakes and go boating. Magnum is seven years old and likes to watch us fish. Our younger dog “Amber”, isn’t allowed to go fishing, because she chases the bobber!

Amber Ale (Italian Spinone)

Owner: Dr. JoAnn Miller

Amber is my blonde, 2 year old dog. Both dogs love to go 4-wheeling. Magnum rides by my side, while Amber choses to run next to us. I have the best dogs in the world.

Gretta (Tibetan Spaniel)

Owner: Cindy F

Gretta was one of two dogs that we rescued a few years ago. She was used as a breeder dog in an Amish puppy mill in Missouri. She is about 12.5 yrs old. She is all about love for everyone, including other animals and humans.

Lionel (Shipoo)

Owner: Cindy F

I rescued Lionel from an over populated private rescue. They got him from an Amish puppy mill in Wisconsin. He is 8 yrs old now and a true boy, who Loves to roll in snow and dirt, chases fox, possum and anything else in our yard.

Mable (the cat)

Owner: Cindy F

Our cat Mable, feels she is part of the pack.

Ginger, Juliet and Stavi (chickens)

Owner: Cindy F

Since we have three hens, my husband designed and built a chicken coop (and run) that opens up into my vegetable garden.