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Like her sister, Dr. Maggie Budde, Susie Dendinger DDS attended Creighton University for her dentistry degree. But that wasn’t her first career choice. She worked as a nurse for five years before she realized she wanted a profession in healthcare that also allowed her to use her creative side. So she switched to dentistry, earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Creighton University, and hasn’t looked back since.

Skilled in creative hobbies such as baking, art and music, Dr. Dendinger spends her free time with her two sons and her husband while they discover new and fun things to do around Madison. On the weekends they like to play outside, go for runs, or just sit back and catch up on their favorite TV shows.

Dr. Dendinger is a passionate, talented dentist who enjoys the artistic side of dentistry, and strives to take care of each patient and develop a long lasting relationship with them.

Susie Dendinger:

Credential/License Number: 1001528-15

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-dendinger-843232158/

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Ron Smith

On my last visit I saw Dr. Dendinger and couldn’t be happier. She, like other dentists I’ve seen there, are the best! The entire staff is very pleasant and professional!

On a return visit to Affiliated Dental in October 2020. First I was seen by Patty, one of their hygienist who was very thorough and professional. After she completed her work, I was seen by Dr. Budde to complete my appointment.

If you are concerned about visiting a dental office during this time of COVID, this office is taking all the necessary steps and pre-checks for the health and well-being of their patients and staff.

Thank you Affiliated Dental!

Oct 1st, 2020

jj freshbread

Drs Susie and Peles, as well as Shelly, have truly been amazing. They have taken very good care of me. Their genuine concern for my comfort and/or pain is so much appreciated. I have several issues that make me more of a challenge and we addressed them all, came up with a plan, and all went very smoothly.

Unfortunately, in between some visits, I had a dental emergency. I accidentally bit on something hard and fractured a molar in four places. This was on a Friday at 2:00 pm, and heading into a three-day holiday weekend. Dr Peles saw me at 2:30, yes, 30 minutes after I called in! She diagnosed the problem and set me up with a plan of action and what to do over the long weekend, if I needed additional help.

I’ve truly never experienced as wonderful of a dentist office as Affiliated Dentists. Even their office staff is great. Megan was a huge help with a financial situation, especially when I had the dental emergency. She got what I needed done right away, correctly, and pleasantly. Otherwise, I would’ve stressed the long weekend wondering about the situation.

I can not recommend any more highly Dr Susie and Affiliated Dentists. Pain-free procedures with trustworthy dentists, assistants, and office staff. Last but not least, I’m high-risk for COVID-19 but, due to the safety practices they have in place, I’ve always felt safe going there during this pandemic.

Sep 9th, 2020

Shane Kelderman

I spent most of my visit with Peggy the hygienist. It had been a long while since I’d been to a dentist, but she was super friendly and inviting and didn’t shame me for not being to the dentist in a while. I was constantly asked if I was comfortable on how I was doing. Susie was my dentist and she was clear, concise and friendly. They laid out the plan of action, got me in the loop, and were incredibly respectful. They even laughed at my bad jokes. This was a great experience and I look forward to my follow up care.

Apr 19th, 2020

Orhay Ziggy

Kudo’s to Dr Dendinger and Judy’s patience and tenacity to ensure my teeth were perfect. Having not visited this office before, I assure you that I am still speaking volumes of how pleasant, warm, kind and thoughtful this staff is. From the initial greetings at the front desk to the behind the scenes professionals who took care of all their patients. I was astonished at the extended courtesy and generosity everyone receives here. Keep up the great and exceptional work you all perform. FYI Dr. Dendinger and Judy, I followed up with Dr. Boyle later today and we’re going to have that BP nipped in the bud sooner than later. Grateful, George

Jan 23rd, 2020

Bill Putnam

Dr. Dendinger has provided excellent care, has a wide knowledge base, and has a terrific staff working with her. Thanks for taking care of my dental health, a key component of one’s general health.

Dec 10th, 2019

Rachel Erb

I am terrified of dental offices, dentists, etc due to traumatizing experiences as a child. Patty put me right at ease and was so amazing, Dr. Dendinger was just as wonderful and made my experience such a pleasant one! I now look forward to my next visit!

Jul 27th, 2019

Ed Jalinske

Dr. Dendinger has worked on my teeth for a while now and I couldn’t be happier with her and the entire staff I have gotten to know at Affiliated Dentists. Dr. D is not only an amazing dentist with a gentle touch but her dental aesthetics work on my jacked up front teeth from years of grinding made them look good as new. She’s also fun to talk to and has a great sense of humor. I can’t say enough good things about this place. My wife and I will be taking our kids there once we pop out the first one.

Jul 23rd, 2019
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