Posted on 12/06/2018 · Posted in Health Information from Affiliated Dentists

Help us welcome our recent staff additions: JoAnn and Danielle, and a final farewell to longtime employee, too.

JoAnn, Office Coordinator

A graduate of Barneveld High School and active member of the Neighborhood Gardening Club, JoAnn has joined our staff as our Front Office Coordinator at the West location. An avid lover of Spring, she enjoys sitting outside and sipping a drink while taking in the beauty of nature around her.

A Blue Mounds native, JoAnn truly enjoys the Midwest weather we have in Madison, especially the winter, stating she’s always hot and prefers the colder seasons. Her favorite local spot, other than Affiliated Dentists, is Lao Laan-Xang, a restaurant off of Williamson Street that serves superb Laotian cuisine.

JoAnn’s been on a few exciting travel adventures, but her all time favorite trip was to Italy. When not traveling or working, however, you can find her shopping for shoes at HSN or watching Dirty Dancing.

Danielle, Office Coordinator

Fluent in Spanish and lover of The Cave of the Mounds, Danielle has joined our team at Affiliated Dentists. She will be up front, working with patients as an Office Coordinator, at both the West and East locations.

Born in Pennsylvania, Danielle is an empathetic, dedicated, and passionate person. She loves to travel, and has lived in six states as well as Ecuador as an exchange student for a year. Now that she’s settled in Wisconsin, she’s found she enjoys exploring what the state has to offer, kayaking, shopping, and watching her favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Danielle’s favorite quote expresses not only how she feels about life in general, but also how she will treat staff and patients alike: “People will not remember what you did or what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.”

Be sure to give her a warm welcome when you visit us next!

Karen is retiring from Affiliated Dentists.

Karen started as Dr. Busby’s Dental Assistant in January 2003. We’ve had the pleasure of working with her for years in many roles at Affiliated Dentist. She’s a huge Badger sports fan and loves to attend the Bowl games when the opportunity presents itself. She’ll spend time doing the things she loves like NASCAR and sporting events!

Dr. Busby recalls… “Karen is the most dedicated employee I have ever had. The first day the west Odana office opened, her husband had a box for the St. Louis Rams game. She refused to go because she knew it was important to me. I finally said, “if you don’t go, I will. She went. Protesting.”