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Keep Up To Date – Covid-19

At Affiliated Dentists, we are doing our part to help protect our community from the spread of COVID-19. As such, we are following recommendations from the American Dental Association on how to help curb spreading.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve Your Smile?

Posted on 01/04/2021 · Posted in Health Information from Affiliated Dentists, Information

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve Your Smile? When we think of dentistry, the business of keeping teeth free of decay comes to mind: cleanings, fillings, and maybe even crowns. However,.. read more

Can Exercise Improve Oral Health?

Can Exercise Improve Oral Health? Exercise Promotes Healthy Gums BMI and Oral Health Oral Benefits of Moderate Exercise If you’ve resolved to do daily runs up Bascom Hill this New.. read more

3 Ways to Brighten Your Teeth Naturally

This time of year in Madison calls for snowshoeing, sledding, ice skating, and even ice boating. If photos of you having fun outside make you want to have sparkling teeth.. read more

Low Sugar Holiday Swaps

Posted on 12/01/2020 · Posted in Health Information from Affiliated Dentists, Information

Low Sugar Holiday Swaps Sweeten with Seasonal Fruit Bake Bread Instead of Cookies Sugar Free Fun Without a plan, the holidays can easily become a sugar overload. Too much sugar.. read more

Do I Need a Night Guard?

Do I Need a Night Guard? Night Grinding Taking a Load Off Occlusal Guard Bonus: Better Sleep! With the holidays about to descend upon Madison, no one needs to be.. read more

How Can I Comfort My Teething Baby?

With the holidays approaching, we all need our sleep to keep our spirits high. When your little one is up in the middle of the night with sore, swollen gums,.. read more

UW-Platteville Renames Engineering Hall in Honor of Dr. John Busby’s Family

Posted on 11/25/2020 · Posted in Our Community

Dr. John Busby’s family has been integral to the growth and success of UW-Platteville over the years. To honor Dr. Busby’s family’s legacy of service and mentorship, the school is.. read more

What are Signs of Oral Cancer?

Posted on 11/05/2020 · Posted in Health Information from Affiliated Dentists, Information

If you’re a Madison professional, odds are that you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. Juggling deadlines, meetings, and commutes with family responsibilities can leave little.. read more

Diabetes Dental Care

Oral Symptoms of Diabetes Common Diabetes Dental Issues Regular Check-ups for Better Blood Sugar Diabetes is a group of diseases that either prevent the body from making enough insulin or.. read more

What are Common Dental Issues in Children?

Because teeth are a little more hidden, sometimes dental problems take hold and progress undetected, especially in children who may lack the awareness or ability to articulate what is happening.. read more

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