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Waking Up Early: Does It Help?

Posted on 04/03/2018 · Posted in Health Information from Affiliated Dentists

Waking Up Early: Does It Help? Many people love to sleep in on the weekends, especially after a long day of work. Waking up early may, however, be more beneficial.. read more

Celebrity Basketball for Easter Seals Wisconsin

Posted on 03/16/2018 · Posted in Company News, Our Community

Event Sponsor for Easter Seals We are excited to announce the first-ever Easter Seals Wisconsin Celebrity Basketball Challenge, presented by Affiliated Dentists. Join us as we cheer on former University.. read more

Mouthwash Pros and Cons

Posted on 03/15/2018 · Posted in Health Information from Affiliated Dentists

Mouthwash: The Pros and Cons According to the American Dental Association, dentists should advice each individual patient as to whether or not they should use mouthwash on a daily basis… read more

Taking Good Care of Your Mouth Guard

Posted on 01/24/2018 · Posted in Information

Taking Good Care of Your Mouth Guard There is more than one type of mouth guard available to patients to help protect your teeth and jaw. You may have one or more.. read more

Weird Dental Facts

Posted on 11/28/2017 · Posted in Information

Totally Weird But Completely True Dental Facts Nowadays it’s difficult to know if what you read online is real or false. These weird dental facts may seem made up, but.. read more

gustavson budde top dentist

Taking Two To The Top

Posted on 10/10/2017 · Posted in Company News

2017 Madison’s Top Dentists are at Affiliated Dentists While Madison is full of dentists to choose from, our dentists at Affiliated Dentists continue to stand out. Take notice of our very own Dr… read more

A question about implant dentures

Posted on 10/09/2017 · Posted in Information

We had a patient ask about implant dentures and Dr. Gustavson answers. Maria asks: I would like to talk to you about the implant dentures. And find out the procedure.. read more

Mental Health at the Dentist

Article by licensed psychologist Dr. Sarah E. Porter Fun Fact: Dr. Sarah E. Porter is the spouse of Dr. Brian Porter From time to time, everyone experiences moments of sadness, feeling.. read more

How Well Do You Know the Tooth Fairy?

Posted on · Posted in Information

The Tooth Fairy In Our Media and Cultures Technically considered a mythical creature, the tooth fairy is a popular myth that has been around since Norse times. The most favored.. read more

sea creature teeth

Animal Teeth – Sea Creatures

Posted on 09/28/2017 · Posted in Information

We all know that animals have teeth, just like us. Animal teeth may be different from ours, but they serve the same purpose: to tear or chew our food. But.. read more

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