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With a focus on preventative dental care and restorative dental services, our attention is on the highest quality care and a warm personalized experience.

From general dentistry to specialized periodontal procedures we offer a wide array of services tailored to meet your dental needs. As family dentists Madison, we also understand the importance of making children feel as comfortable as possible when they’re in our offices. Positive childhood experiences with the dentist can make a lifetime of strong dental health that much easier to achieve.

Below are some of the procedures and services available to our patients. Using a gentle approach we achieve the sparkling results our patients expect.

Cosmetic Procedures

We understand that a bright, white, beautiful smile enhances not only our appearance but our lives. The value of smiling with confidence permeates every exchange we have with others. The act of smiling has been proven to increase self esteem and quality of life. When you’re proud of your smile you’re more likely to use it.

Dental Implants

Lost or missing teeth no longer need to be replaced with bridges or dentures. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to improve your smile. Implants look, function and feel just like your natural teeth because they are anchored to the jawbone. Implants can also serve as anchors for bridges, or dentures to help eliminate slipping. Learn more about Dental Implant related services at Affiliated Dentists Madison.

General Dentistry

Strong dental health starts with you but it also includes regular check ups with your dentist. From X-rays, comprehensive exams to bridges and dentures, our patients can expect to know the best services available to them to ensure their dental health and their smile.

Headache Therapy TMJ

If you suffer from regular migraines, jaw pain, teeth grinding, difficulty opening and closing your mouth or other symptoms, you might have TMJ disorder. Learn more about Headache Therapy TMJ related services at Affiliated Dentists Madison.

Pediatric Dentistry

We understand that, for most kids, the idea of a good time doesn’t include a trip to the dentist. Our office is designed to give our young patients special attention and understanding, from our fun-filled play area to the modern treatment rooms. Learn more about Pediatric Dentistry related services at Affiliated Dentists Madison.

Periodontal Maintenance

The gums form the support structure for your teeth. Periodontal diseases, or infections of the gums, gradually destroy the gums and thus, the support of your natural teeth. There are a multitude of diseases that can cause this, many of which require their own unique solutions. Adults over the age of 35, lose more teeth to gum disease than from cavities and 75 percent of adults have some degree of gum disease in their lifetime. Learn more about Periodontal Maintenance related services at Affiliated Dentists Madison.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Bruxism

We all know that snoring can be an annoyance. Ultimately, snoring is the sound of obstructed breathing during sleep. While snoring can be harmless, it can also be a sign of more serious medical conditions such as upper airway resistance syndrome or obstructive sleep apnea. Learn more about Snoring and Sleep Apnea related services at Affiliated Dentists.

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